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Welcome to the world of Krisma Kerry Blue Terriers. We are thrilled to share our home and lives with this magnificent breed. Our thanks to the dedicated breeders before us, who have spent years working to provide us with the best possible canine companions we have today to compete in the breed ring, obedience, rally and agility. If you are interested in sharing your life & home with a lovable Kerry,
contact us at Krisma Kerries Email for information about this wonderful breed.

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GCH KRISMA'S RAVE REVIEWS wins Best In Show / Owner Handler at the Leavenworth Kennel Club Inc. (2) Show on 3/14/2014!!!!

BELTANE KRISMA'S OCCAM RAZOR wins Best In Show at the Iowa Kennel Club UKC Show on 5/05/2014!!!!

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KRISMA'S XISS OF XCSTASY is awarded WINNERS BITCH for a a 4 pt. MAJOR win at the Three Rivers Kennel Club of Missouri (2) show on 09/14/2014! JUDGE: Ms Betsy Dale. Owned by Lois and Ted Grier.

KRISMA'S XISS OF XCSTASY is awarded WINNERS BITCH for a a 4 pt. MAJOR win at the Three Rivers Kennel Club of Missouri (1) show on 09/13/2014! JUDGE: Mr Darryl Vice. Owned by Lois and Ted Grier.

KRISMA'S XMAN FIRST CLASS is awarded WINNERS DOG, BEST OF WINNERS & BEST OF OPPOSITE for a a 5 pt. MAJOR win at the Three Rivers Kennel Club of Missouri (1) show on 09/13/2014! JUDGE: Mr Darryl Vice. Owned by Lois and Ted Grier.

KRISMA'S XMAN FIRST CLASS is awarded BEST OF OPPOSITE in the Kerry Blue Terrier Sweepstakes at the Three Rivers Kennel Club of Missouri (1) show on 09/13/2014! SWEEPSTAKES JUDGE: Texas Eddie Dulaney. Owned by Lois and Ted Grier.

GCH KRISMA'S RAVE REVIEWS is named BEST OF BREED at the Des Moines Kennel Club (2) show on 09/07/2014! JUDGE: Ms. Sharol Candace Way. Owned by Lois and Ted Grier.

KRISMA'S WEE BIT NAUGHTY is awarded WINNERS BITCH & BEST OF WINNERS at the Des Moines Kennel Club (2) show on 09/07/2014! JUDGE: Ms. Sharol Candace Way. Co-owned with Carrie Wolfe.

KRISMA'S YES SIR I CAN BOOGIE is awarded WINNERS DOG & BEST OF OPPOSITE at the Des Moines Kennel Club (2) show on 09/07/2014! JUDGE: Ms. Sharol Candace Way. Owned by Lois and Ted Grier.

GCH KRISMA'S RAVE REVIEWS is named BEST OF BREED at the Des Moines Kennel Club (1) show on 09/06/2014! JUDGE: Mr. Joe C Walton. Owned by Lois and Ted Grier.

KRISMA'S WEE BIT NAUGHTY is awarded WINNERS BITCH & BEST OF WINNERS at the Des Moines Kennel Club (1) show on 09/06/2014! JUDGE: Mr. Joe C Walton. Co-owned with Carrie Wolfe.

KRISMA'S YES SIR I CAN BOOGIE is awarded WINNERS DOG & BEST OF OPPOSITE at the Des Moines Kennel Club (1) show on 09/06/2014! JUDGE: Mr. Joe C Walton. Owned by Lois and Ted Grier.

KRISMA'S XANTHE AND THE KINGS CHILD is awarded WINNERS BITCH at the Evergreen Colorado Kennel Club (1) show on 09/06/2014! JUDGE: Ms.Gay H Dunlap. Owned by Phil & Beth Luebbers.

GCH KRISMA'S OUR TOP PRIORITY is awarded BEST OF OPPOSITE at the Rocky Mountain All Terrier Club show on 09/05/2014! JUDGE: Ms Marjorie J Underwood. Co-owned with Phil Luebbers.

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Meet our Kerry Kids

#10 Kerry Blue Terrier 2006


"She's Got The Look" Revie is our very special foundation bitch. Bred by Teri Worful, she was born on November 28, 2002. Revlin finished her championship at 18 months completely owner handled. With only 8 months of showing, she finished 2006 as the #10 KBT in the country. In December Revlin accepted an invitation to the Eukanuba National Championship in Long Beach, CA. Check out her trip photos HERE!

In 2010 Revlin continued her career to earn her CD title. April 2011 she received her Herding Instinct Testing title and in July her Rally Novice title. In 2013 Revlin was honored at the National Specialty with a Gold Register of Merit plaque for having 16 Champion offspring with 8 of them Grand Champions and more on the way. She currently has 23 grand kids that have earned Championships as well to date with many more grand puppies just starting show careers.

To finish off an amazing show career she was awarded Best Brood Bitch at the USKBTC National Specialty in both 2011 and 2012. Then to top it off she was awarded a Best In Show Veterans at the Cyclone KC in February 2013. She is and always will be the special girl who brought me into the world of Kerry Blue Terriers!

We are thrilled Revlin finished 2006 as a top ten Kerry Blue! Revlin is the proud mother of:

Kyser and his sister Kamy

Lazer and his sisters Liviah and Caper

Magic and her siblings Riley and Abby

Onour and his siblings Olive, Aoife, Finnegan & Kaiser

Rozlyn and her siblings, Rhiana and Romeo

View Revlin's PedigreexxRevlin's Show PhotosxxRevlin's Fun Photos

#8 Kerry Blue Terrier 2007


Brogan our "Silver Stud". He finished his Championship at 17 months of age with 3 major wins & 2 BOB's. At 6 months of age his first weekend out, he earned his first major and got BOS over specials.
Brogan began his career as a special in February 2007 and was in the top ten rankings one month later. His many Best Of Breed awards and Group placements allowed him to finish 2007 as the #8 Kerry Blue Terrier in breed points and #10 in all breed points.

Brogan came back to the ring in the fall of 2010 to earn his Grand Championship in five weekends, finishing at the age of 7 in March 2011.

In April 2011 Brogan earned his Herding Instinct Testing title and in July his Rally Novice title in one three day weekend. The USKBTC awarded him a Bronze Versatility Award from these titles. He was also presented his Register of Merit award at the 2011 Specialty.

His offspring have inherited his beautiful color, structure and movement. Brogan is co-owned with Beltane Kerries

View Brogan's PedigreexxBrogan's Show PhotosxxBrogan's Fun Photos

#8 Kerry Blue Terrier 2009


Lazer seems to have gotten all the right parts from his parents CH Beltane's Double Vision and CH Valtera's Miss Krisma Revlin CGC CD IT RN ROM and his stunning movement shows it. At 14 months of age Dr. Robert Smith awarded Lazer with a third major for his championship.

In 2009, Lazer was shown as a special and finished #8 in the country with numerous Best of Breed wins and multiple group placements. His best friend is his sister Liviah who still plays like puppies together. Along with beautiful movement he has a wonderful head, early color and an easy to live with demeanor. Lazer is co-owned with Beltane Kerries

View Lazer's Pedigreexx Lazer's Show Photosxx Lazer's Fun Photos

ranked #5 Kerry Blue Terrier and ranked #6 All Breed
and #2 Female Kerry Blue Terrier in US in 2011!
Completely Owner-Handled!!!

Her name says it all, there was lots of lottie da for Liviah the day she was born - the first of two girls out of a litter of seven, born May 24, 2006. We call her Liviah Lavena which means "life of joy". Her sire is CH Beltane's Double Vision and dam is our CH Valtera's Miss Krisma Revlin CGC CD IT RN ROM.

At 13 months of age, Mrs. Sandra Goose-Allen awarded her a third major for her championship in 2007. Liviah quickly earned her Grand Championship in 2011 and continued in the showring as our special. From the beginning Liviah made us very proud of her, winning a Group 1 in March and then placing consistently in groups each month. She finished the year being #5 in Breed points, #6 in All Breed points and #2 in Grand Championship points, while being completely owner handled. Liviah was invited to the 2011 Eukanuba Championship in Orlando, Fl.

Liviah is an absolute delight to live with and fabulous in the show ring.

View Liviah's PedigreexxLiviah's Show PhotosxxLiviah's Fun Photos


Picasso was born to show. We decided he was staying with us even before puppy evaluation. He had early color, attitude that showed his vibrant personality and an impressive body structure. His parents were both top ten Kerry Blue Terriers, Liviah #5 in 2011 and Brogan #8 in 2007. He quickly picked up all his Championship points from the Bred-By Exhibotor classes and finished at 13 months.

Picasso was invited to show at the Eukanuba National Championship in December 2011. He was the leading Kerry in our trio that took a Terrier Group 2 in the Eukanuba Breeders Sweepstakes. Watch for Picasso to start his specials career soon!

View Picasso's PedigreexxPicasso's Show PhotosxxPicasso's Fun Photos


Kyser won Best Puppy in Sweeps at the Texas Speciality. He finished his championship at 16 mos. and his Grand Championship in Oct. 2010.

Kyser does not enjoy all the primping for shows but prefers carrying around any squeaky toy, ready to play with all the intensity one little Kerry boy can muster!

He loves any activity that means play and being together. Everyone who comes to visit Krisma Kerries falls for his easy going playful personality. His offspring will be hitting the showring in 2012.

Co-owned with Beltane Kerries

View Kyser's PedigreexxKyser's Show PhotosxxKyser's Fun Photos


This is our little Vega Star, she is Krisma's Vega Les Vedette meaning the brightest star, getting top billing! She is living up to her name going Terrier Group 1 at her first 2 AKC matches, then taking Best In Match at 9 mos. Vega and sister Holiday in TX along with her brothers Vlad in AK, Vinny in IA, Troop in WI and Duce from Utah are all showing this year. They are already picking up points and major wins at 9 mos of age. This was an amazing litter of puppies that were produced by GCH Beltane's Felix Felicis and Silver GCH Krisma's Lotsa Lottie Da For Liviah. They are the happiest and lovable puppies you will ever meet!


Vinny is one of six puppies being shown from the litter of GCH Beltane's Felix Felicis and Silver GCH Krisma's Lotsa Lottie Da For Liviah. Vinny lives in Iowa with Wendi Madsen who thinks he is adorable!

View Vinny's PedigreexxVinny's Show PhotosxxVinny's Fun Photos


Troop is another one of six puppies being shown from the litter of GCH Beltane's Felix Felicis and Silver GCH Krisma's Lotsa Lottie Da For Liviah. Troop lives in Wisconsin with Jo Scoville.


Vlad is another one of six puppies being shown from the litter of GCH Beltane's Felix Felicis and Silver GCH Krisma's Lotsa Lottie Da For Liviah. Vlad lives in Arkansas with his brother Kaiser and sister Rhaina. Co-owned with Harry and Lisa Alexander.


Duce is another one of six puppies being shown from the litter of GCH Beltane's Felix Felicis and Silver GCH Krisma's Lotsa Lottie Da For Liviah. Duce lives in Utah with his co-owner Suzi Howe.


Holiday is another one of six puppies being shown from the litter of GCH Beltane's Felix Felicis and Silver GCH Krisma's Lotsa Lottie Da For Liviah. Holiday lives in Texas with her co-owners Thomas R. Fitzsimmons and Anthony Kyle Dennis.


Odyssey was born on St Patrick's Day March 17, 2007 in the Czech Republic. We are thrilled with her temperament as she fit right into our family. April 2008, Odyssey won two 5 point majors in 2 weekends at 13 months of age. In June she was awarded Best of Opposite Sex in Sweeps at the Chicago KBT specality. She finished her Championship shortly after.

Odyssey is co-owned with Beltane Kerries

View Odyssey's PedigreexxOdyssey's Show PhotosxxOdyssey's Fun Photos


Olive is an amazing girl from the O litter, she reminded us of her mother Revlin growing up. Olive's father Draco is from the Czech Republic. Revlin and Draco were named top Dam and Sire for 2011. Three of Olive's brothers from the O litter are also champions. Olive finished her championship in just 3 weekends with 4 four point major wins as a puppy from the Bred-By class.

We decided to give her a shot at her Grand Championship by entering a few shows and she surprised us with her ability to dazzle the judges in the ring with her correct structure and elegant movement. She brought home 6 out of 6 Best Of Breeds and 3 Group Placements her first 3 weekends out completing her Grand Championship in record time. We are looking forward to a fabulous year in the ring with Olive. Olive is always handled by owner-breeder Lois and Ted Grier.

View Olive's PedigreexxOlive's Show PhotosxxOlive's Fun Photos


At his very first show in December 2010, Romeo won Best of Breed in the Puppy Class and 4th in the Variety Puppy Class. In March he received Best Puppy in Breed and placed 2nd in the Terrier Puppy Class at Gray Summit, MO. At the Kerry Blue Terrier Club of Texas in Ft. Worth he claimed 1st prize in Sweeps and Best Puppy of Sweeps. Romeo won Best of Sweeps at the Hatboro Dog Show in October 2011 and then won 1st in his age class at the Montgomery Co. Dog Show the next day. Romeo is co-owned with Paula Fox who adores him.

View Romeo's Pedigreexx


Poppy lives in Oklahoma with her sister Emma and brother Romeo. She is utterly spoiled by her owner Paula Fox.


Rozlyn is a beautiful girl born May 29, 2010. Rozlyn along with her sister Rhiana and brother Romeo will be seen making a splash in the show ring in 2011. She has a very sweet personality just like her older sister Olive.

View Roz's PedigreexxRoz's Show PhotosxxRoz's Fun Photos


Something about Suri's bubbly personality made her simply irresistible in our eyes. She is definitely a leader and keeps us all entertained with her antics! At 4 1/2 months she was in her first match, took BOB, Terrier Group and got to compete in Best In Match. She dazzled the judge as we watched her move around the ring like a pro. Suri lives in Iowa with her co-owner Victoria Laird.

View Suri's Pedigreexx Suri's Show Photosxx Suri's Fun Photos


Uriel is our newest little "Baby Doll" at Krisma. She is already making an impact on the Kerry world by taking two 3 point major wins her first weekend in the show ring at six and one half months of age at the St. Charles KC show. She is only one of three in the U-litter born July 13, 2011 that are being shown. All puppies in this exceptional litter have the best temperaments possible, gorgeous coats and outstanding movement.


Watch for our newest boy at Krisma to make a big splash this year in the show ring! Sherlock! This little boy has personality plus as well as structure and movement that already has heads turning! He was awarded a Terrier Group 1 at two different matches at only 3 months of age. We can not wait to see what the future holds for Beltane Krisma's Occum Razor. Co-owned with Beltane Kerries.


Krisma's Unleashed Energy was the only boy in a litter of 5. By 7 months of age he already picked up 9 points towards his championship. Then he found the perfect home with Michael and Judy in St. Cloud, MN. He gets spoiled rotten by all, including Grandma who comes each day to visit him. Eddie has the most pleasant personality to live with which comes from his mom and dad GCH Krisma Kicks It Up A Knotch and CH Ventura Krisma Braudag. Eddie showed at the St Paul, MN show for the first time since those first points and took home the prizes of Winners Dog, Best Of Winners and Best Of Opposite Sex. Everyone who meets Eddie loves him!


Rhaina is a term often used to describe someone who is unbelievably good-looking with a wonderful personality who makes one feel as though they are lucky to be in her presence. No one can be like her. She is co-owned with Harry and Lisa Alexander and loves to play with the other Kerries Vlad and Kaiser. Rhaina is just getting started on her show career and picked up her first major win at Purina Farms in September. She has joined her sister Rozlyn and brother Romeo as a Champion.!


Kaiser was the prefect addition to the Alexander family. Even his older Kerry playmate has warmed up to him. No one can resist his abundant charm and we are all are taken in by his happy-go- lucky personality. Kaiser is a litter mate to Onour and Olive and has already earned his first points towards his championship in the form of a 3 point major at just 7 months of age. Kaiser is being groomed and shown by is owners Harry & Lisa, who are doing a terrific job at both.

View Kaiser's PedigreexxKaiser's Videos


This handsome fellow picked up his first major for 4 points at his second show at the Columbia, MO show and went on to pick up 4 more points at the next show in Wichita, KS. Finnegan finished his championship July 2010 with yet another major win. Finnegan reminds of us in many ways of his sire Draco in his structure and stunning movement, traits found in the famous Irish Louisburg bloodlines. Finnegan is co-owned with Phil & Beth Luebbers and resides in Colorado.

View Finnegan's Videos


This beloved was given the proper Irish name Aoife, which is pronounced "ee-fa" and means radiant beauty. But Aoife has grown to be more than just another pretty face! Aoife lives in Alaska where she is an ace skijoring partner with Judith Hoch. And she's is an avid water dog, who enjoys every form of water (or mud) during the short Alaskan summers. Aoife traveled to Iowa to earn her Championship, as Kerry Blue Terriers are less than common in Alaska. Recently Aoife was thrilled to welcome "Stirling" into her pack, so let the Kerry Games begin!
Aoife is co-owned with Judith Hoch.


O'Hanluan of Alaska proudly receives "Stirling"; Krisma's pick from Palancar's "Lily" (CH Beltane's Kiss for Luck) and Krisma's "Picasso" (CH Krisma's Plenty of Panache). Like his handsome silver sire, Stirling has early color and superb structure. And from our earliest days together we're impressed with Stirling's fearlessly sure Kerry attitude. In short, there's a lot of Kerry packed into this pup! Stirling is co-owned with Judith Hoch & Mark Eimer, and lives with his pack in Anchorage, Alaska.


Journey is co-owned with Dana Lynch and several English Springer Spaniels all of whom Journey has been able to win over with his playful attitude. Journey gets to go to work every day and spend time with lots of furry friends at the grooming shop in Kansas City. Journey has moved up from the " Perfect Puppy" to the "Incredible Puppy" status.

View Journey's PedigreexxJourney's Show PhotosxxJourney's Fun Photos


Picabo lives in Colorado and spends her day traveling and at work with her owners Jan and Scott. She is making a splash in the ring already earning points towards her championship along with her brothers Picasso and Journey, and her sisters Jazz and Peanut. She shares her home and yard with many beautiful Koi fish and strolls around the country club being an ambassador for Krisma Kerries everywhere she goes.

View Picabo's Pedigreexx Picabo's Videos


Peanut lives with Stephani Byrne in California.

View Peanut's Pedigree


Nalapolooza (which means striking and exceptional)made her grand entrance into this world on May 16, 2008,she made us think she was quite exceptional! She enjoys playing with the big dogs in the family and likes to visit her cousin Alice at Beltane Kerries. We are excited about this new generation.

Co-owned with Beltane Kerries.

View Nala's PedigreexxNala's Show PhotosxxNala's Fun Photos

Cormac is lucky enough to live in beautiful Vancouver with his family and 2 Kerry girls. He gets to participate in agility and is very close to finishing his Canadian Championship. Cormac’s two sisters who are finished Champions are Nala and Nylie. This special Kerry boy delights everyone he meets with his charm and personality. Thanks to Jim and Sandy for giving him a wonderful home.

View Cormac's Pedigree


Nylie was the first born from the N-Litter on May 16, 2008.

She is Nala's sister and she is co-owner Tom's constant companion at work and at home. Nylie stayed with us this summer and finished her championship on July 12, 2009 by going to a just a few shows and earning 3 four point majors by dazzling the judges with her charismatic personality!

Both Nala & Nylie have their mother Liviah's vibrant personality, expressive eyes and luxurious coat! I guess we can credit their sire Conor as well for those things!

View Nylie's Pedigree xxNylie's Show PhotosxxNylie's Fun Photos


Fire is lovingly owned by Bryan and Brooke Inman of Mason City, Iowa. Fire shares her space and her toys with American & International Champion Skansen's Chasin' the Magic von Traum, her 7 year old Giant Schnauzer "Partner-in-Crime" big buddy.

Fire enjoys meeting people and other dogs while out on her 5-mile daily walks with Bryan and at the Training Center where she attends classes. When not antagonizing Chasin' by barking in his ear until he gives her his favorite bone, Fire can be found sleeping on Bryan's lap while he, Brooke and Chasin' are all relaxing on the couch watching TV.

Fire is just beginning her show career, and on her first weekend out took the points for Winner's Bitch at the Dubuque, Iowa dog shows. Bryan and Brooke are very excited about showing Fire as judges, exhibitors and spectators alike are already commenting on how perfectly she stacks as well as how beautifully she moves around the ring. She's on Fire! Watch her burning up the rings this summer...

View Fire's PedigreexxFire's Show Photos


Leo was born 5/01/08.

We are very excited about this young dog's future. Leo finished easily with his owner Allison at the helm

Leo is co-owned with Allison Chrisman & co-Bred with Beltane Kerries

View Leo's Pedigree xx View Leo's Photos


Onour was our favorite boy from the O litter with his fancy build and effortless movement. He picked up all his Championship points in the Bred-By Exhibitor classes. Then he was fortunate enough to meet Kimberly and it was love at first sight. Onour lives with Kimberly in Colorado enjoying their daily activities and life together. Onour, Olive, Finnegan and Kaiser have all turned into gorgeous adult kerries.

View Onour's PedigreexxOnour's Show Photos xxOnour's Fun Photos
Onour's Videos


Alice was born 5/01/08. Alice is learning all about the joys of being the princess of the show and avoiding falling down any rabbit holes.

Co-owned & Co-Bred with Beltane Kerries

View Alice's Pedigree


Co-owned with Beltane Kerries
Magic was born on April 16, 2007 and earned her Championship April 25th, 2009.

View Magic's PedigreexxMagic's Show Photosxx Magic's Fun Photos


Magnum Opus - "A Great Work" is Riley's name.

He is a boy with lots of energy who loves everyone he meets.

In April 2008, Riley won back to back majors at 12 months of age.

In June he was awarded Best of Breed in Sweeps at the Chicago KBT specality. In July Riley was awarded his third major win for his championship at the Nebraska KC show in Omaha.

Riley entertains his family Alex, Holly, Graham and Clayton who all agree that Riley is the best dog for them!

View Riley's PedigreexxRiley's Show Photosxx Riley's Fun Photos


Abby lives with her family in Colorado and is being shown by her mom Cheryl. The two of them are having a great time together going to shows, but she really enjoys playing with her family and her yard!

Abby is already on her way to picking up points to earn her championship along with her brother Riley and sister Magic.

View Abbey's Show Photos


She was given the name Leyna Caper, which means "little angel" by her parents who really think it suits her fine! Caper was awarded a 5pt major by judge James Fredrickson at the Sioux Falls, SD show at 17 months of age to earn her championship.

Caper enjoys life in Milwaukee with George and Kathy and her friend Ella a Soft-coated Wheaten Terrier. Her dam is our CH Valtara's Miss Krisma Revlin CGC CD IT RN ROM and sire is CH Beltane's Double Vision. Our thanks to George and Kathy for letting us show this pretty girl!

View Caper's PedigreexxCaper's Show PhotosxxCaper's Fun Photos


Kamy is our first home bred champion.

She received her first major the first time in the ring at 7 month of age as Best of Winners at the Land O Lakes show, with her brother Best of Opposite Sex and her mother going Best of Breed.

She was a delight to show and the judges awarded her with 5 major wins and a championship at just 12 months of age!

Kamy is a real sweetheart and now lives with her new family who adores her here in Iowa.

View Kamy's PedigreexxKamy's Show PhotosxxKamy's Fun Photos


Co-owned with Beltane Kerries

View Bella's Pedigree


Ruby is our super-model! Elegant yet plenty of substance.

Co-owned with Beltane Kerries

View Ruby's Pedigree


Draco is maturing to be a handsome fellow, compact body and powerful movment plus the best personality you can find.

Co-owned with Beltane Kerries

View Draco's Pedigree


He is a solid, yet elegant, young Kerry with powerful movement.

Felix is already picking up points and we expect great things from him in the future.

Co-owned & bred with Beltane Kerries

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